How the Soap Studio works

Schedule a time

Grab your friends and family!  We have 24 seats available per session and multiple sessions daily.  Choose the one that works best for you!  Arrive early get your seat and get comfortable!  

Pick a soap mold from our selection

We carry several different styles of soap molds to choose from!  Select the one that best fits your style! 

Build your own unique Soap

Choose from a variety of soap bases! Pick from over 100 different scents or mix a combination to make something completely new!  Add a color!!  Pour your soap and explore the store while the soap sets.  

Interested in Cold Process Soap?

Sign up for a Cold Process Soap Class.  Use a proprietary blend of oils and lye to craft a uniquely original loaf of custom hand made soap.  Approximately 48 ounces of soap for you to take home!